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Vegetable - $8.95
Chicken Karaage - $7.95
Shrimp Roll Set - $7.95
Garlic Chicken Roll Set - $7.95
Lg. Garlic Chicken Set - $10
Lg. Roll Set - $10


Sukiyaki - $8.50
Shrimp Tempura - $8.50
Garlic Chicken - $8.50
Teruya's Oyako - $8.50


Shrimp Tempura Roll - $3
Garlic Chicken Roll - $3
Spam® Roll - $3


Andagi (1 pc) - $1
Sweet Potato Mochi (1 pc) - $0.80

About Teruya's Andagi Menu

Teruya’s Andagi is Honolulu, HI’s, best source for local Japanese food. We have the best andagi and mochi on the island, and if you aren’t in the mood for either of those, our bentos are stuffed full of other delicious options you’re certain to enjoy. Be sure to get here early if you have a specific craving for andagi as we tend to run out of the tasty treat as the day grows late.

Our andagi is created by using the family recipe we’ve been using for generations. This recipe creates a perfect mix of steamy soft and delicate on the inside and a crisp outer layer to ensure every bite is mouthwatering perfection. Made fresh daily, you can trust that every batch is made with the highest quality ingredients and with close attention to detail.

If andagi doesn’t suit your palate, our bento boxes come in a wide variety of options. Choose your favorite and you’ll still be able to try something new each time you come in. Each bento is filled to the edge with portions of all of the most popular Japanese appetizers and entree portions. You’re guaranteed a mouth full of pleasure in every bite.

We even offer large catering orders as long as you call at least 72 hours in advance to order. Whether you’re looking for a lunch spot to hit with friends or delicious takeout for dinner, we’ve got it all! Stop by today or give us a call for more information.